• How to Write Instagram Captions to Drive engagement and Sell

    The Best Instagram Captions

    Are you using your Instagram captions effectively to boost engagement and sales?

    Many people do not understand the power of the Instagram caption. 

    The way I see it, you use your captions to ‘capture’ and retain your audience’s attention. 

    There is a grand misconception that people in the 2020 world are no longer reading and do not care for the written word. While this is true to some extent, we cannot completely generalize on that fact and say ‘Everybody’ is not reading. 

    This of course will be a lie. People are reading. You are reading this now are you not?

    So when you think about it, people do want to read – they are not just allowing themselves the time to do so no matter how bad they want to. But what if you could capture their attention with your words? Wouldn’t you want to write and lead them through the actions they need to take to help your business on Instagram.


    The Power of Instagram Captions

    The power of captions begins in the very first two lines. Because this is the first thing anyone sees. If you miss the opportunity to grab your audience’s attention in the very first two lines, you might as well forget about trying to get them to read it. 

    The best instagram captions do well from the very beginning.

    The mistake a lot of people make with Selling with captions, (and I have made this mistake many times myself ), is to go straight for the sale. “Buy this now, available in store. Click link in bio.”  etc

    You must understand that not everyone viewing your instagram is well acquainted with your brand and what you offer, so why should they go straight to buy?


    How to Write the Best Instagram captions to boost Engagement and Sales

    Here are 4 things to keep in mind when writing your captions. These tactics will help you Sell with your Captions without Trying too hard to sell.

    1. Not everyone is going to click the link in bio – 

    The link in your bio is important. Use it the best way you know for your brand. But also keep in mind that not everyone cares to click. The mind-state of the average Instagram user is to go from post to post, swiping and swiping. 

    If you are serious about making the sale, do not throw it away by only asking them to click the link in bio. 

    Instead, also ask for a comment response. Or a DM. Keep your audience connecting with you deeper. So you could say – “If you want a copy of this, type “I’M IN” in comments below and I’ll send it to your DM

    This way you not only get them to engage with your content, which will boost your post, you also keep them as a potential customer by starting off a conversation.

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    2.  Make your captions read like a Story

    If you make a post intending the sell, you want to carry the reader along on a journey that tells them more about you, your brand, the product in question etc. But keep in mind, this caption is not a copy to promote the product. It is to emphasize how the product or service will help your audience without mentioning the product/service.

    The best way to write your captions on Instagram is to make sure your words flow like a story, in form, and sounds like music to the ears. You want to take advantage of storytelling in your captions because this is what gets someone reading.

    If your captions read like a story you will be able to capture the attention of your reader, till they get to the last two lines which is your Call-to-action


    3.  Have a Proper Caption structure

    If you write all your words muddled together without proper spacing, no paragraphs, no line breaks, you make it really difficult for anyone to read.

     It appears like a whole bunch of text without form. 

    The right caption structure will incorporate all these relatively seamlessly. 

    Make sure to break your text apart in sections, with line breaks in between every important new point. Don’t write too many long sentences or paragraphs. 

    Mix long sentences with shorter ones and switch again. When your audience looks at your caption it appears easy on the eye and will tempt them to read through.



    4. Use your first two lines of the caption Powerfully

    Like I said before, if you miss to capture your audience in the very first two lines you lose them completely. How can you do this in a way that they have no option but to read through? 

    Understand that the human mind likes to be challenged? And on Instagram, people are not challenged enough. The best way I have found is to ask a question.  ???

    Ask a question that directly relates to what your audience needs. What is important to them?  How do you help them? Why are they following you?

    For example, if you sell Lace Wigs and Hairs, you could say – “Do you wash your wigs? And how do you do it? I have found that the best way to care for your weeks is by….”  and then you lead them through a scenario and a story, make it personal but also make it about your audience.

    best instagram captions


    What to do now

    Begin practicing right now with your captions. You must get your audience become acquainted with reading from you. The more you use captions the more they expect it from you. And if you follow the tactics shared, you will do fantastic with captions.


    As you can see, all of the tactics shared with you require you to have an audience. Your audience is the bread and butter of your business on Instagram. Focus all of your energy on growing your audience. This is the vital part of your instagram business.

    If you enjoyed this post, share your thoughts in comments and ask me questions! I’ll be chatting with you all.



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  • [FIX] Why your Instagram Follower count is stuck and you keep losing Instagram followers

    Instagram Follower count Frozen

    I don’t know if you have experienced this before, you check your followers count day after day and month after month only to realize with disappointment that the numbers just stayed the same. How is this even possible, especially when you have been posting new content weekly and you know more people are seeing your instagram posts?

    Why does it seem like no one is following you or worse, that you are losing instagram followers faster than you are gaining them?
    Is it possible that Instagram has simply forgotten to update your lists?

    When this happened with me, I remember being so frustrated I wanted to punch a wall. The only other thing that I have found makes me that frustrated is when my Internet is down and my ISP isn’t forthcoming with fixing the issue. Now that gets me really mad I begin to fume. But this is another story.

    Why am I losing followers on Instagram

    One of the major reasons you lose followers is because generally people just decide they no longer care about your content.

    Some other people who have followed you based on the follow-for-follow tactic are just bad eggs we have to deal with. Ideally your goal should be to gain more followers than you are losing.

    Another reason why you may be losing Instagram followers is because of your own lack of consistency and cohesiveness with your posts.

    I share more on this in another blog detail how to curate your instagram content, but in this post I want to help you Fix the Glitch in your account if you think your instagram follower count is stuck.

    Why is my Instagram Follower count stuck?

    For almost 6 months, my Instagram following count remained almost at the same spot.
    It didn’t make any sense to me. I was posting correctly, I was engaging with other pages, I was spending time on creating content, yet it did not convert to followers? How?

    I set myself up to fix the problem and eventually I cracked the glitch.

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    For one, I cannot say for a fact that there was an actual problem from Instagram which was affecting my counts.
    But what I do recall is as soon as I began to make a few changes in how I posted, what kind of content I was posting and how I was engaging on Instagram, everything changed.

    I began to have new visitors to my profile from all over the world and they were converting to followers every single day.

    I go more In Depth on this in the program “The Rules of Engagement on Instagram– but for today’s post, I want to help you fix this glitch that is making it seem as though you are doing nothing at all on the gram and your efforts are a waste.

    Here are the top 3 things I believe made a significant change to my account and got my followers count running again. If you believe your Instagram follower count is frozen and not updating, these tips will help

    1. Create content that people actually need

    People want to watch people. But more importantly, people want to watch people who give them what they are searching for.
    This is the world we live in today and you cannot run away from it. It is what it is. What I like to tell people is, “Everybody is watchable.” Yes, including you.

    As long as you are human, you have other humans who are just like you who will relate to what you have to share in your own unique way and with your own perspectives.

    All you have to do is show up for your people.
    For your Tribe.
    That’s what I did.
    First it begins with you asking “What do people need and how can I offer that through my content?” For me at the time, it was Motivation.  And not just any type of motivation, but Motivation for people who were going through the process of finding themselves and understanding who they were and what their purpose on Earth is.

    You have to do the same in your Niche, but you also must make sure your niche is specific and highly targeted. I share more In depth thoughts  on how you can get Niche specific in “The Rules of Engagement on Instagram”

    When you begin to make more and more content that people need, you will pull in the right audience of people who care about your content and convert to followers. You will also notice that your instagram follower count will begin to budge and you will stop losing followers as much.

    2. Encourage your followers to Engage with your Instagram posts

    You have to continually tell your followers to share their thoughts in the comments and I made sure to reply as many people as I could on every post.

    Engagement is the game of Social media. The better engaged your page is, the better your conversions. Engagement on Instagram is based on actions from your followers.
    Comments on your posts is a deep level engagement that you want to have.

    You drive engagement by encouraging your followers to say something in the comments.
    There is a strategic way to do this so that your instagram audience feels like they are a part of your conversation and their opinions matter.

    Instagram followers commnet engagement

    So always ask for comments. I prefer to do this in the first two lines of my caption because this is the first thing they see. And when they do leave a comment, always reply. This back and forth exchange in your comments section on Instagram will push your posts and profile and ultimately land you on Instagram’s explore page where you have the opportunity to meet even more new people.

    And when you land on the explore page, boom! That’s more potential new followers seeing your profile.

    3. Always include ‘Follow me’ Call-to-Action in Instagram captions

    The problem I see a lot of people have on Instagram is they don’t know how to ask for engagement. If you think it is “too much” to ask people to follow your page then you may not be ready to truly increase your following and influence.

    Yes, people want you to remind the. You have to ask for that follow!

    First it will help to change your opinion of the people who view your profile and consume your content. If you create original content on Instagram and someone takes the time to Like or Leave a comment on your posts, then this means this person vibes with you.
    And if they vibe with you then they are a potential member of the Tribe you are trying to build on Instagram.

    Instagram engagement CTA

    Now knowing that people want people to tell them what to do, would you skip the opportunity to convert a viewer to a follower? One of the major reasons it seems that your instagram follower count is stuck is because the ration of your new followings to the people unfollowing you is huge. You have to bridge that gap and the best way to do this is by showing instagram that people actually care about your content and are following you.

    So, always leave a CTA that tells people to follow your page.

    If you have downloaded my free blueprint for the book “The 11 Secrets of Instagram Growth” then you may have already received a mail from me where I share with you why comments are important. If you are  not currently leaving your brand’s footprints on Instagram by commenting everywhere, then you are losing a huge opportunity to truly grow your page organically.

    Not just comments on your own posts however, but your comments on other people’s  posts. This will help spread you to the potential  members of your growing community

    If you found this helpful and would like more tips, share your questions in the comments and I just might make my next blog post to fix your exact issue!

    Ready to Speed up the Process and Grow your Followers fast? CLICK HERE to get the Masterclass “1000 Followers in 30 Days”