There are so many people today who are searching frantically on the web for answers about social media and how to leverage social media for their business. You are reading this right now because you believe you can sell your products and make money on instagram. But first,

How do you make Money on Instagram?

There are several different ways to make money on Instagram today even if you are not currently selling your own products on Instagram. The following are ways so many people are cashing out daily on the gram.

  • Create sponsored posts for other brands and pages
  • Get paid for shoutouts on your page, if you have a large following usually 5,000 and over
  • Get paid for Instastory ads on your page
  • Earn commissions in sales as an affiliate for other brands
  • Create your own digital products, ebooks, online courses and sell to your audience
  • Sell your own physical products and goods

But before you Sell on Instagram you have to build the right audience

Instagram is a very crowded platform, everyone is on the gram. Are you selling to everyone? More than likely, No. In this video tutorial, I share with you the several things you must consider before you begin to sell on Instagram. It is the difference between having an instagram account and having an instagram account that can potentially make you money down the line.

Watch the Youtube Tutorial

Have Questions about Social Media? Growing your instagram, making money online? What are your major concerns right now? Share with me in the comments and I could make a new Tutorial completely focused on helping you! Leave your comments below