How to Become a Better Writer

How to Become a Better Writer and Write Ebooks Faster

Writing is such a skill that I have found must be exercised in a deep flow state. There is no hitting the flow state and staying there if you do not simply do the thing and nothing else.
It is easy to get distracted when you are doing a task and getting distracted is the thing that will completely botch your writing.

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how to make money on instagram

How I Make Money on Instagram

Are you currently making Money on Instagram?  If no, then there is either something wrong with your Content strategy or you need a new plan for why you use Instagram. When I started paying serious attention to my Instagram, what I really wanted to do was learn How people make money on Instagram. As of this writing my personal Instagram page has 350,000+ followers.  But that was not motivation enough for me. I knew I had […]

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instagram growth

Grow Your Instagram Fast {Ebook}

If you are ready to finally Grow your Instagram Account, Attract new followers fast daily, this Ebook is a must read. Get it now for FREE! The Instagram Algorithm seems like a hard nut to crack, and everyday more and more Influencers and Creators on Instagram are complaining about it.  This short Ebook compiles the top 11 Secrets You must know and Implement to begin seeing real organic growth on your Instagram.  Download now while […]

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best instagram captions

How to Write Instagram Captions to Drive engagement and Sell

The power of captions begins in the very first two lines. Because this is the first thing anyone sees. If you miss the opportunity to grab your audience’s attention in the very first two lines, you might as well forget about trying to get them to read it. The mistake a lot of people make with

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Before you Sell on Instagram, Do this!

How do you make Money on Instagram?

There are several different ways to make money on Instagram today even if you are not currently selling your own products on Instagram. The following are ways so many people are cashing out daily on the gram.

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instagram follower count

[FIX] Why your Instagram Follower count is stuck and you keep losing Instagram followers

Instagram Follower count Frozen I don’t know if you have experienced this before, you check your followers count day after day and month after month only to realize with disappointment that the numbers just stayed the same. How is this even possible, especially when you have been posting new content weekly and you know more people are seeing your instagram posts? Why does it seem like no one is following you or worse, that you […]

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Books I am Currently Reading – The Book List

I am always asked for book recommendations and suggestions for what to read. So I figured the best way to keep this conversation going is to have a page on my blog here dedicated to books I am reading, or have read. 10 Best Books to Read on Life and Business? Only 10? How about an unlimited list?😁 Every now and then I’ll be back to update this list with even more books as I […]

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