• How to Write Instagram Captions That Drive Massive Engagement [Powerful Strategies]

    If you are anything like me, you use Instagram for business. For this reason, getting engagement from your audience is important if you want to sell on Instagram effectively.

    Instagram captions ideas

    Instagram captions provide a massive opportunity to drive engagement on your posts. The more engagement you get on Instagram, the more your content will be seen. And if your content is seen by more people, your potential for making sales on Instagram increases too.

    Don’t forget this.

    I make money on Instagram by selling digital courses

    In this tutorial, I will share smart ways to optimize your captions to convert. This works regardless of your niche and there are several examples to follow below.

    Here are the best ways to drive more engagement with your Captions

    Ask a simple question in the first line of your Caption:

    This is a very powerful strategy that converts! People want to engage but they won’t until you invite them into the conversation. Asking questions is a great way to make your audience engage with you.

    • Does this sound like you?
    • Has this ever happened to you?
    • Do you struggle with _______?
    • Are you ready to start ________?
    • Have you ever ______?
    • When was the last time you____?

    Ask Your Followers to Save Your Post

    Believe it or not, the more SAVES your post gets, the more exposure it gets. When people SAVE your posts, this is a signal to Instagram that your post is worth the time.

    Remember, Instagram wants to keep more and more people on the platform. So if people are saving your content, Instagram believes your content is good and will send it to more of your followers.

    But how do you get more Saves?

    • Create engaging carousel posts
    • Write long, valuable captions with tips
    • Create content that helps your audience do something
    • Create educational content
    • Create content that is inspiring and memorable
    • Share helpful tips
    • Share long tips that people need to save to remember

    And when you do, write a CTA in your caption asking people to SAVE your posts.

    Use a shocking statement in the first line of your caption:

    A shocking statement is intended to stop your audience from their scrolling. Say something that makes someone say ‘WHAAAAATT?’

    • 99% of small businesses will fail in the first 3 months
    • Instagram is Dying. Here’s what to do now
    • Consistency is a Myth, the Experts are lying to you

    Ask for a Double-tap ❤

    Believe it or not, people forget to LIKE a post even when they Like it.

    Don’t be shy about asking people to double tap to Like your posts on Instagram. Simply saying: ‘Double-tap if you Like this’ is all you need to do.

    Interestingly, the more Likes your post gets on Instagram, the higher you rank and the more people will see your posts.

    So don’t think Likes are not important. They are.

    Ask your followers to tag someone in the comments 👩🏿‍🤝‍👩🏿

    Increase your party on the gram by encouraging your followers to bring in their friends. People want to share content they love, but they have to be reminded to do so. Simply add this in your captions:

    • Tag someone who needs to see this
    • Tag a friend who is like this
    • Tag someone you care about

    Tell a story that starts with intrigue or curiosity 📝

    Stories drive engagement.

    People love reading stories and if you write a good story, you’ll have more people reading your captions and engaging with your content. Here are a few great ways to start a really good story on Instagram captions:

    • Two years ago I _____
    • Yesterday I was _____
    • I never thought I’d share this but____
    • I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since I _____
    • I started my business because I was ______


  • How To Sell With Instagram Stories: 4 Powerful Hacks

    Instagram has helped me grow my digital course business in more ways than one. As a course creator, I rely heavily on Instagram for selling digital courses and nurturing my community.

    If you are a content creator, coach, service-based business, or entrepreneur, then you probably already know the unique power Instagram has when it comes to creating connections with your audience.

    But have you been able to leverage Instagram for your Business to generate sales?

    If you want to monetize your Instagram, you cannot skip the potential of selling in your Stories. In this in-depth guide, I will teach you exactly how to sell in Stories.

    When it comes to making sales on the gram, I assure you, the best tools are behind the scenes.

    While everyone is focusing on the Feed content and getting followers, serious entrepreneurs who use Instagram tactfully are focusing on using the unseen tools – Instagram Stories and the DMs.

    In my post where I shared How I made my first $10,000 on Instagram, I talked about my DM Strategy.

    I showed you how I have leveraged the DMs as the first step of my sales funnels and closed countless sales thanks to the DMs. But there is one step in that funnel that is so very important and it is your Stories.

    Instagram stories are filled with some powerful tools that I bet you are not even using yet.

    If all you do on stories is repost other people’s posts, share memes, and post without a strategy, you are missing out on some big sales machine at your fingertips.

    In this post, I will break down 4 Powerful Strategies that will help you nail the sale when you use them.

    But also keep in mind that everything I share here is aimed at getting people straight into your DMs so that you can convert them.

    You see, the idea of selling in stories, is not necessarily just to Sell directly, but mostly to lead your followers into the sale themselves. For this to happen you have to become an avid user of Instagram stories.

    You want your audience to begin to expect to see stories from you daily and you want to make sure these Story Posts are well made, engaging, and unique.

    WATCH CLASS → How To Sell In The DMs

    The Tutorial/Mini Training Hack

    This is one of the most powerful tools you can use to convert followers into buyers. What you want to do is create a mini series focusing specifically on offering your followers a tiny win.

    Teach them how you do something, how you achieve a goal, whatever it is in your niche – but sharing this in your stories makes it feel hidden and special.

    They know that it will disappear after 24 hours so they stick around to watch it.

    Right in the middle of your training, you want to pop up a Question Sticker asking if they need more personalized help (related to the mini training you just shared), or a poll with two options to filter out people and find out who is ready for the next step with you.

    More on how to use Polls below👇

    Mini Trainings convert really well on stories.

    What you need to do is link the training directly to the next step in your offer ladder. Instead of directly selling something, you may want to give the link to your Freebie.

    And if you choose to directly sell something, do not miss the sale by going for it head first.

    Selling on stories is really about leading people slowly through the conversion steps like Using a poll to see who is interested first before adding the slide for your direct sale. (More on polls below)

    Ask Me A Question Hack

    Just like the mini-training, the Question sticker will allow you to share a lot of value with your audience slide by slide.

    I see a lot of people use the Question sticker but in a completely non-converting way. The question sticker is so underutilized that I cannot stop myself from convincing you to use it and use it often. You are in the information business and the reason your followers follow you is because of the information you share.

    If you have something to sell, sharing information that ties in directly with that service or product is one of the best ways to increase awareness and sales. And what better way to share information than to use user-generated content like questions?

    Pop up the question sticker in your stories and ask your audience to ask you a specific question. This is a great way to conduct market research, find out what your audience needs, and also showcase your expertise in that subject matter.

    For example, if you have a coaching service teaching new Moms how to start a business on Instagram – Your question sticker can say – “Ask me a Question about Instagram”

    View the example below from one of my stories.

    Tell your audience specifically what to ask you is a great way to keep the conversation and your responses right in line with what you are selling.

    The effectiveness of the Question sticker lies in your ability to lead your audience to ask you specific, related questions. Don’t just put up the sticker and say “Ask me a question” – You will get too many random answers.

    What you do after posting the answers to this sticker is to soft sell.

    Right after answering the questions and giving as many expert tips as possible, Pop up a poll as shown above and ask to see who is interested in the next step with you.

    The Super Poll Hack

    Instagram story polls are one of my favorite tools to determine who is really interested in something.

    You have to set up your business properly. Make sure you have sales pages ready, opt-in forms, Leadmagnets, and your entire sales funnel and sequence just waiting for a lead to come in.

    This is a great way to convert followers into leads and buyers fast.

    The reason to do this is you want to have on hand, the exact people who are interested in your offer because you are going to DM all of them.

    The DMs is where most of your sales will happen on Instagram so it is paramount that you know How to sell in the DMs else you might be losing out on the superpower that is Instagram.

    You are also going to add a slide right after your poll with a direct sale. You already have people’s attention with the answers to your question. This is a good time to make a move for the sale.

    But make sure you have your poll posted before the slide for the sale because you want people to show interest first and these are the people to DM.

    EXPERT TIP: Personalize all the DMs you send out.

    It can be as simple as having a single message to send to everyone, but starting with their own name – E.g [ Hi Eva, thank you for answering the poll + copied message ]

    Results of a Poll in Stories. You can DM everyone who selected the Right action.

    EXPERT TIP 2: To make Instagram Polls work, you have to create high-converting call-to-action options. Using dull “YES/NO” options on your poll is not going to convert as well as making the call to action a prompt in the next direction. Look at these examples below

    Make the options on your Poll enticing

    Selling on Instagram is easy when you understand how people use Instagram and how to lead them slowly through your sales process. Remember, people are not on Instagram holding their credit cards just waiting to buy something.

    They are on Instagram to make connections.

    If you can make everything you do feel like an extra connection with your audience, you will earn the sale with ease.

    Which of these tips are you going to implement? Share your thoughts in the comments 👇

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  • Step by Step: How I made my first $10,000 on Instagram

    Making money on Instagram can be easy if you know the steps to follow.

    So in this post, I am going to be as straight to the point and direct as possible so you know what to do and apply it in your own Business. You do not have to copy my own business model.

    That is completely unique to me and how you will monetize your Instagram will depend on your own unique offers, passions, gifts, and services.

    some sales stats from my dashboard

    So as you go along in this post, keep in mind what it is you do and how you intend to provide Value. Of course, you already know that making money is a by-product of giving value.

    So to answer the question of how I made my first $10,000 on Instagram, I will tell you quickly so you can run along –

    • Business Consults and 1:1 Strategy: This isn’t one I do a lot of because I honestly prefer to send people to my online courses and Ebooks but it is one of the offers that brings in a good income. My Strategy sessions were $400 per Hour and that is always likely to change.
    • Ebooks: I currently have several Ebooks in my portfolio but my Guide on Instagram Hashtags is one of my most requested products to date. I later converted it into a full in-depth course. This is the Ultimate Guide to Instagram Hashtags Course
    • Online Courses: I have several mini-video courses and masterclasses that I have created and promoted to my audience based on what people were needing help with. I have also used this method to really understand what my audience is seeking and how to focus my offers. Right now my online courses are doing very well and it is where most of my income comes from.

    Now, if you are interested in the actual steps of things that helped me make that money so you can do it for yourself, then keep on reading.

    Whatever value you provide, whether that is direct with your products or services or indirectly by representing other brands, it will always start with Content.

    Step 1: Create Content that Converts

    When you start, Focus on the Value you Give, not just on trying to Grow your page. Growing on Instagram is a by-product of value in Content, and making money on Instagram involves knowing how to leverage the traffic you get to sell your offers.

    The first thing to think about is: “What kind of content can I create online that will make people aware of my services or products and who am I creating content for?”

    This is where a lot of people get it wrong. You cannot monetize your Instagram without the right content to attract the right people.

    For instance, the content you will need for your type of business if you are a Hair vendor will be different from the content I will need as an Online educator and coach.

    When I began focusing on my Instagram in January 2020 at only 2000 followers, that’s exactly what I started with:

    What do I have to give that is Valuable and what kind of Content do I need to create to attract the people who will need my services?

    What I had to give was my knowledge about Content Creation.

    This was what I started with. I knew that I wanted to help creators make better content and grow on Instagram because I had done it with other pages, and very early on, I knew that I wanted to Monetize with educational materials (Online Courses and Ebooks)

    So I began to make content about content creation tips and Instagram growth ideas.

    I also used Hashtags to target the right audience and I had my own specialized engagement strategy.

    These 3 things must go hand in hand because these are the elements of a growing Instagram page.

    Your content, hashtags, and engagement strategies.

    If you do not know how to use Hashtags yet, you are missing out on a big piece of the Instagram puzzle.

    Growth happens because of Content and Engagement but Hashtags on Instagram will ensure you are found by the right people who need your products and services.

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    2. Understand your Audience and What they Need

    If you do not get clear on your Ideal audience, you will attract just anybody to follow you on Instagram.

    A lot of people want a specific demographic of an audience, but their messaging attracts just everybody and it becomes difficult to monetize.

    This is why you may have 10,000 followers and not one person is interested in what you offer.

    So understanding your audience is key.

    When you know who your content is for, you can then target them with Hashtags and a streamlined, specific engagement strategy.

    The more I created content for my audience, the better I understood what they were needing help with.

    When I started I was teaching about Video creation and just general tips.

    I was also very eager to monetize because I already knew I was going to sell online courses. I jumped straight in and created an Online course teaching How to Shoot and Edit Videos with a Mobile Phone.


    I found a need!

    A lot of people were talking to me in the DMs and asking for help with Video creation.

    This is something that I am very knowledgeable about and I have made a lot of great Youtube videos just on my Mobile phone over the years.

    So I figure, ‘Heck! I can teach this as a course and I can earn money for what I know.

    So I created my first course on Mobile video creation and editing to help creators use just their mobile phones to make video content.

    This is how you make money. By filling a need, and providing the solution to a problem. This was my first sale on Instagram and it earned me my first $500. I was excited!

    3. Niche down deeper and become the go-to Expert for a Specific thing

    Now as I continued to create content on this page, I was learning so much about how Growth on Instagram actually worked and I was growing my account so fast by applying my own strategies. I fell in love with hashtags and how they worked, so I spent a great deal of my time trying to understand hashtags.

    Soon, I was creating content about Hashtags because I knew so much about them. What happened next is still my biggest lesson to date.

    My DMs began to fill up with requests for help with hashtags.

    I didn’t even realize I had done this, but I had created so much content about Hashtags that I had now become the go-to person for tags.

    Not only that, people began to recommend me in the comments of other pages as the person to talk to for Hashtag related issues. This single thing had suddenly placed me as a needed expert.

    What did I do?

    I made one single digital product to answer everybody’s questions about Hashtags.

    I created my first Ebook. It became a simpler way to monetize my Instagram and I have received so many great results for clients and my students who have gone through the guide. My Ebook The Ultimate Guide to Hashtags has since earned me over $2000 and I have not used any ads to promote it.

    SEE ALSO: How to Use Hashtags on Instagram to Target your Ideal Clients and Audience and grow faster

    hacking hashtags stats

    When you start creating even more specifically in your Niche and you can own something, you make people tag you as the person with the solution for that problem.

    This is important because when you do decide to create a Product or offer a service, people already trust you for that and you have social proof and testimonials to show for it.

    I do not have to go crazy to promote my Ebook. People know that I understand how Hashtags work and they are ready to pay me to help them.

    4. Create Products and Offer Solutions or Services for the problems your Audience has

    Against my own rules of having very few products and specific services, I have created several digital products over the course of the last 5 Months to test out what my audience is really interested in.

    I personally love creating and selling digital products so honestly, if creating different digital products is not your jam, you can totally offer one product over a long period of time.

    I am very knowledgeable in a vast number of things and I love to teach so it is a no-brainer for me to keep on having classes and products for my audience to learn from me.

    When I realized my audience needed help with growing on Instagram, I created The 1000 in 30 Days Instagram Growth course bundle.

    This has become by far my most rapidly selling product and I have enrolled over 150 students since it opened a month ago.

    When I began to have people request for help with Converting their Followers into Buyers, I took that feedback and created a course bundle with several classes teaching how to grow and monetize on Instagram.

    This bundle of classes has been especially helpful for my followers who are also interested in creating digital products, ebooks, and courses and monetizing their Instagram.

    Basically, you can do whatever you want once you really understand your audience.

    But to understand your audience you first have to create several Free Content so they can begin to talk to you and tell you what they need help with.

    Once you figure that out, the next step will be to create a digital product that your audience can pay for.

    The easiest digital product to create today is an Ebook and you only need an idea worth paying for to get started. To learn How to earn Money selling Ebooks, Click Here to Grab the Ultimate Ebook Sales Bundle

    5. Promote your Product and Offers Shamelessly

    One of the major issues I have seen with people and why I think it may be difficult for you to make money with your Instagram right now, is you are afraid to sell.

    You think selling is dirty. You’d rather keep on creating content for Free and not talking about what people can pay you for because you prefer to live in obscurity.

    Meanwhile, deep down inside you are seething with hate and going crazy over the fact that you are spending time on Instagram but not making any money.

    I learned quickly that to earn Money on Instagram or anywhere at all, I needed to learn how to sell. To sell, I needed to talk about my offers and my products.

    Think about it this way. Whatever you are giving or doing for people is helping them. Is it not? You are providing value, are you not? So what you are doing inevitably is being of service. Selling something that helps people is a Service. The moment I began to think this way, everything changed.

    I started to let people know in my posts, captions, and stories that I had the solution they needed. Promoting your offers and products must become a part of your strategy else you are not going to earn with your Page.

    6. Learn How to Sell in the DMs

    I had to learn really quickly that Instagram did not care about me as a creator.

    Instagram cares about Instagram. As soon as this sinks in for you, you realize that you as a creator or user of Instagram must create your own Strategy for how you will convert followers into buyers.

    And where does this conversion happen? IN THE DMs.

    Think about it, you get to have only 1 Link in your Instagram bio.

    That Link itself has to be well optimized so you can get people hitting the link. If you want to see more about this and how to optimize your link in bio, drop a comment below so I know and will write on that in another post.

    Now, because Instagram itself has been set up in a way to train people not to leave Instagram, it so happens that people don’t like to click the link in bio. This means if you want to sell on Instagram, you have to be pushing your leads and prospects into your DMs and move them up from there.

    As soon as I learned How to sell in the DMs, my sales on Instagram took off! I went from making one sale here and there, to getting hundreds of people in my DMs and converting them to buyers.

    You can do this too if you are serious about earning money on Instagram and I have created a simple strategy that you can follow step by step.

    So far, my earnings have been thanks to Instagram DMs and Email Marketing. Now, the big guy! Let’s talk about Email Marketing.

    7. Use Email Marketing to Convert Followers into Buyers

    I cannot tell you enough how important Email Marketing is for your business. If it has been scary for you start with Email, don’t sweat it. I have a Free Masterclass for you that will help you get your footing right with email. You can watch it here.

    A Simple Funnel of How Followers become Buyers

    You really do not expect your followers to buy straight from you on sight. Some of them do. But it is definitely a very unpredictable and unlikely way to scale your business if you are going to have something that sustains you.

    You want to have a system that lets you take your followers into a nurture sequence where you can then slowly or quickly convert them into leads and buyers. I love to do this in the DMs and with Email marketing.

    When you watch this Email Marketing masterclass you will have a much broader sense of how to do this for your own business. Using Email and my DMs are the two most effective ways I have implemented to make more sales on Instagram. If you are ready to start using Email,

    CLICK HERE to learn more in the Email Marketing training.

    Serious about making money with your Instagram Page?

    You can get started right now! Stop waiting. All you need is 1000 True fans who care about your content and know how to convert your followers into buyers.


  • How to Become a Better Writer and Write Ebooks Faster

    Your first Ebook is going to suck.

    It will be actual shit and it will be no good. But you have to get it out of you so the good stuff can bubble to the surface.

    Writing takes practice. This isn’t something that anyone is automatically perfect at.

    Yes there are a few people like myself who were born with a love for words and were naturally drawn to books. Still, to be any good at writing will require that you actually do spend hours sitting to write. 

    It is just like any other skill. It has to be honed, it has to be mastered and developed with consistent practice over time.

    It is important for you to know this for a fact because so many people stop themselves from ever starting or even finishing their Ebooks.

    You do not have to be a perfect writer to start writing but you do need to write to be a better writer.

    You just need to sit to write several words on the page for a period of time everyday. If you choose that time to be 10 minutes a day, then 10 minutes a day it is. There is so much that can be written in 10 minutes everyday and I believe this is where people get stomped. They think they have to be at a task to call it productive.

    Depending on how you practice, you could be at a task for 1 hour and still not get anything done because you were distracted the entire time. 

    But setting 10 minutes to the timer and deciding to commit to that time block everyday will set you up to have a book in a month than someone who never sat to write consistently.
    The reason I have had to go through all of that Introduction is because I want you to let go of your need to constantly judge yourself about your writing or your ability to write. 

    Your goal is to finally write an Ebook that you can sell. I want to ensure that you do. 

    A lot of people have asked me about How to Monetize on Instagram and the simplest place to start for anyone is to write and sell Ebooks. It is hard to try to grow on Instagram, but even worse if you don’t know how to monetize that attention.I have earned a good side income myself from Selling Ebooks on Instagram and I teach you how to do the same in this Free Masterclass here.

    Here are 9 Powerful Tips to become a Better Writer so that You can write Ebooks faster

    When you write, write:

    This is possibly going to be the most important tip I ever give you on Writing. Writing is such a skill that I have found must be exercised in a deep flow state. There is no hitting the flow state and staying there if you do not simply do the thing and nothing else.

    It is easy to get distracted when you are doing a task and getting distracted is the thing that will completely botch your writing.

    If you allow yourself get distracted with every beep, notification, phone checking, or whatever else is out there fighting for your attention, You will never be able to finish pieces of writing that you are proud of

    The idea is to write the entire time you are writing.

    Do not write and edit at the same time. Set a completely different time block for your Editing and ensure that when you are writing, you persistently resist the urge to write and edit at the same time.

    ALSO WATCH VIDEO: The Secret Strategy to Making $2500 in 30 Days Selling Ebooks

    Read more books

    It is obvious that to write better, you must read more. However I have found that I have to repeat this to myself as well. Writing gets better the better writers you read. You want to read deep and wide in a variety of subjects that peak your interests, not only in the things you are writing an Ebook about.

    Inspiration for your writing will come from a wide range of things.

    The more ideas you can feed your brain, the more unique ideas of your own you can churn out and in short times too. Set an Intention for when you will read during your day and stick to it. It doesn’t have to take a long time but it should be long enough to get something new in.

    This one tip will help you not just in writing but in every area of Life.

    Write the way you talk

    Remember that your audience is also human, they are people just like you. We often want to be something else, to take on a different role of persona because we are writing this book. You forget that the reason your audience is going to buy the Ebook or even read it at all is because they are wanting your unique spin on things. 

    The easiest way to write your Ebook is to write it with the voice you speak with. The most natural way would usually be the voice in your head.

    It is easy to hear this voice if you can let yourself write for  a while till you get into the flow state. Once there, all you have to do is ride the wave and keep dropping the words on the page till there’s nothing left to share or until your timer is up.

    When you are done, read your writing back to yourself and just go over your notes. 
    Many people write but don’t want to go back to read what they have written because they are scared to face the other side of themselves. Don’t be that person.

    There is nothing to be afraid of but so much to learn. 
    Write the way you talk and read your words back to you so you can hear what your writing sounds like. This will help you become familiar with your own tone of voice and this is very important in becoming a better writer because with time, you will be able to finesse that voice and make it completely yours

    Write with Lists

    Having a list of the things you want to write on will really help you focus on fleshing ideas out.

    Writing is really about the expansion of simple concepts. How long a piece of writing is depends on how much the writer is willing to keep expanding on things. So on the whole, your Ebook is a combined total of all the many simple concepts you have expanded on with your writing.

    So to make the writing process easier, you want to break up your big subject into titles/chapters and  your chapters into sub-topics that may have their own subtopics.
    This would look something like this:
    If I was writing an Ebook on How to Bake a Wedding cake
    I will probably start by breaking this up into chapters:

    • Types of Wedding Cakes
    • Decoration and Icing
    • Ingredients and Measurements
    • Mixing the Ingredients
    • Baking the Cake
    • How to create the cake box

    This is just an example to work with.

    Now that I have broken the full concept of baking the cake in 6 chapters, I will then pick each chapter at a time and begin to work on it. So when I sit to write and I start with “Types of Wedding cakes” – I completely focus on types of wedding cakes for that writing session.

    That chapter can have subtopics as well depending on how I decide to flesh it out.   The reason that writing with lists is so important is because it helps you have a focus and a direction when you sit to write.

    Having a direction helps you flow better. You know what you are writing about, all you need to do is fill up the spaces by putting words on the page. Filling up so many spaces and writing chapter by chapter, item by item is what will finally help you have a complete Ebook in the end.
    So when you write, break things up and fill them in.


    Write in the Early hours of the day

    The particular time for a writing session will depend on the person doing the writing. There is no one size fits all. In fact you can choose to write at night if you have found night time to be better for you. The idea here is to write before you do any other serious task that will require your brain at max capacity.

    You want to write when you are lightweight in the mind, and this is usually before the day takes on a life of its own. This can be summed up in a single phrase I expect you to remember for a while. 

    First things first, write.

    First things first, write.


    Work with One Idea at a Time

    Just like writing with lists, having a specific one idea for your writing per time, will really help you to have a perspective of what to expect from the voice in your head. You are not all over the place hopping from topic to topic. You are right here, right now, focused on hacking out 1 topic at a time. 
    This will help you zone in on that particular area so you can give it your best before hopping on the next time.

    Refuse the need to judge yourself when you Write.

    To become a better writer you have to let go of self judgement, it is tough because you are your own worst critic, but first you Write, then you Judge.

    One of the reasons so many great ideas never see the light of day is because people are constantly judging themselves. You have a great idea to work with but you keep on looking at what everyone else is doing instead of focusing on your own Life’s drama. 

    You already have enough on your plate. Why add to your troubles by creating judgement.
    Writing should be fun. Do not worry about how people will receive your Ebook, all you have to do is give a  lot of value with your Ebook. 

    So stop cutting yourself off from your own success by constantly having the need to judge yourself especially in the writing stage.
    I always say, “Finish the book then judge yourself later”

    “Finish the book then judge yourself later”


    Write Everyday

    If you are serious about becoming a better writer and finally finishing your Ebook, you cannot afford to write only when you feel like it. If you wait to feel like it before putting words on the page, you will never feel like it.

    I have personally found that sticking to a daily ritual of writing helps wire this habit in for your brain, just as with anything else that we commit to doing consistently. Like I said before, to really experience a difference with writing, even writing only 10 minutes a day, everyday is enough to get your Ebook done. 

    What would most likely happen however, is that over time, you would have fallen in love with the idea of writing that even 10 minutes will become too small for you.
    I’d you want to get better at writing and finally finish that Ebook, you must push yourself and try to write for a certain time block everyday

    Set Measurable, Achievable and Timed Writing goals

    Every piece of your writing puzzle is helping you write better. If you do not have Writing goals when you sit to write, you will most likely not be hitting your overall goal of finishing your Ebook.

    For example, when I write, I decide to write 2000 words in one sitting. From my personal experience, I am usually able to write 2000 words in 1 Hour.

    This would be different from person to person of course. Remember what I said about Your Writing voice. The more familiar you are with your own unique writing Voice, the easier it will become to write faster and faster, churning out more writing in a set time. 
    So decide how many words or how long you are going to sit to write for and commit to it.

    If you go by measuring with words, do that and also know how much time it takes you to achieve the set word count.

    Ready to Earn some side income Selling your own Ebooks? Click here to Start with this Free 2 Hour Masterclass teaching you How to make $2500 in 30 Days with Ebooks


  • How I Make Money on Instagram

    Are you currently making Money on Instagram? 

    If no, then there is either something wrong with your Content strategy or you need a new plan for why you use Instagram. When I started paying serious attention to my Instagram, what I really wanted to do was learn How people make money on Instagram. As of this writing my personal Instagram page has 350,000+ followers. 

    But that was not motivation enough for me.

    I knew I had to start afresh, with a different name and without using my personal brand as leverage.

    Just like you, I had read a lot about how people made money on Instagram, I had watched several Youtube videos and read so many blog posts just like this one you are reading now. The truth was I needed to test things for myself. 

    I was already thousands of Dollars monthly as an Influencer with my personal brand account, but I needed something different.

    Today, 4 months into my grind and 14,600 followers later, I have successfully made a lot of Money from my new Instagram account @creatorialz

    And the verdict is in! You don’t need a lot of followers to make money with Instagram or any online platform.

    What you need is a very targeted message, a Niched and highly engaged audience and something you can sell.

    It is so very important that you optimize your Instagram account for conversions and really begin to speak to your ideal audience/clients with your content.

    Content is King they say, but King of what? What is your King doing for you if it is not helping your Business goals?

    If you’d like to learn How to Optimize your account and grow your first 5000 Engaged followers, check out my new Masterclass on Instagram growth here.

    So How exactly do I make Money with @creatorialz

    My biggest earner so far has been my Courses, Masterclasses and Ebooks.

    Next to that is my 1-on-1 Coaching with clients who are seeking more advanced, personalized strategies for their accounts and businesses with Instagram.

    When I started this account, I knew this was exactly how I wanted to make money. I have always been passionate about teaching and so being able to earn real high Dollars from teaching online is impressive.

    Today I am blessed to say my Instagram side hustle pays me money every single day, and for you reading, I want you to know you can do the same.

    These 2 Major sources of Income have helped me understand more and more what is important when it comes to actually making Money online.

    If you don’t have something you are selling, a product, a service, or your personal brand, then really why are you making content?

     5 THINGS TO DO NOW to Start Making money on Instagram

    As always I will outline a few steps that you must take if you want to start earning money with your Instagram

    1. In the beginning, forget about the Money

    I know! This doesn’t sit well with everything I have previously said, but hear me out. People are not on Instagram trying to buy anything, they are trying to build connections, learn quickly and be entertained.

    So don’t try to be so quick to Sell on Instagram. Instead, Share. And share a lot.

    2. Really Identify who your Target audience is and what they need help with the most.

     In the beginning, this may be hard and you may have to start with just doing and sharing what you know. But with Action comes CLARITY so keep on making content.

    3. Focus on actively engaging in the communities where your ideal audience and customer is so that you can grow your first 1000 followers. 

    Why 1K? Because once you hit your first 1K, getting to 5K is easier. And 5K is such an important milestone on Instagram because people really begin to take you seriously and Instagram starts promoting you as well.

    4. Keep your Business goals at the forefront of your strategy and create content that helps you reach those goals. 

    Know why you are creating content and do not just create for the sake of filling space. That is a sure way to Failure.

    5. Know what you are selling and when the time is right, start making your offers. 

    I decided personally to wait to get to 5K to begin making any offer. This was a personal choice. In another post I may write about how to determine when the right time to sell is.

    If you want that post, please signify in the comments.

    But generally the right time is when you have demand.

    I decided to start early so I could throw myself out there. You do what works for your business and your goals.

    If you are ready to take Instagram seriously 

    and potentially turn it into a Business for yourself, the first thing to keep in mind is your Audience. 

    You need people who will pay you for the products and services you offer.

    Now to get more people to your profile and increase your followers, you definitely need to do the right things to get your account optimized and running. 

    CLICK HERE for my Free Ebook, 11 Secrets to Instagram Growth” and start taking action on Growing your online presence with instagram.

    Questions? Leave them in the comments or CLICK HERE to schedule a 1-on-1 Business strategy Coaching with me.

    Let’s chat in the comments,



  • Grow Your Instagram Fast {Ebook}

    If you are ready to finally Grow your Instagram Account, Attract new followers fast daily, this Ebook is a must read. Get it now for FREE!

    The Instagram Algorithm seems like a hard nut to crack, and everyday more and more Influencers and Creators on Instagram are complaining about it. 

    This short Ebook compiles the top 11 Secrets You must know and Implement to begin seeing real organic growth on your Instagram. 

    Download now while it is still Free! Get Growing

    instagram growth


  • Before you Sell on Instagram, Do this!

    There are so many people today who are searching frantically on the web for answers about social media and how to leverage social media for their business. You are reading this right now because you believe you can sell your products and make money on instagram. But first,

    How do you make Money on Instagram?

    There are several different ways to make money on Instagram today even if you are not currently selling your own products on Instagram. The following are ways so many people are cashing out daily on the gram.

    • Create sponsored posts for other brands and pages
    • Get paid for shoutouts on your page, if you have a large following usually 5,000 and over
    • Get paid for Instastory ads on your page
    • Earn commissions in sales as an affiliate for other brands
    • Create your own digital products, ebooks, online courses and sell to your audience
    • Sell your own physical products and goods

    But before you Sell on Instagram you have to build the right audience

    Instagram is a very crowded platform, everyone is on the gram. Are you selling to everyone? More than likely, No. In this video tutorial, I share with you the several things you must consider before you begin to sell on Instagram. It is the difference between having an instagram account and having an instagram account that can potentially make you money down the line.

    Watch the Youtube Tutorial

    Have Questions about Social Media? Growing your instagram, making money online? What are your major concerns right now? Share with me in the comments and I could make a new Tutorial completely focused on helping you! Leave your comments below


  • [FIX 2022] Why your Instagram Follower Count is Stuck and How to Start Growing Again

    Instagram follower count is stuck

    If you want to fix your Instagram follower count not updating, it is time to do something you’ve never done before.

    If you use Instagram as the main driver of your online business, then you must apply everything I am sharing with you today,

    You are probably doing everything right, creating content, spending all day on the app, and engaging until your thumbs bleed. But all of these will not help if you do not get to the root of the problem.

    You have to focus on growing your Instagram page with new strategies that are working now. And in this tutorial, I will share them all with you.

    Here’s my Instagram before I implemented my New Content Strategy 👇🏽

    Instagram follower count not updating
    Most Days I Was in the Negative Zone. Losing More Followers than I was Gaining

    For a long time, my Instagram follower count was stuck. I thought it was some kind of glitch with my follower count.

    I was worried for months and was determined to get out of the red zone and start growing my Instagram page again.

    Then I changed my Instagram content strategy and now I am growing by 300+ new followers every single day.

    Instagram follower count not updating
    Now Gaining More Followers Everyday

    I Have Added Over 2,500 New Followers in the Past 14 Days alone.

    Is Your Instagram Follower Count Frozen?

    If you want to make money on Instagram, then you understand how important it is to have a healthy account.

    Growing an engaged Instagram page is one of the easy online businesses you can start for free.

    But if your Instagram is dying, do not worry!

    In this complete tutorial, you will learn how to get your Instagram alive again.

    Make sure to Follow my Instagram Here because I share New tutorials every single day!

    In this in-depth article, I will share reasons why your Instagram follower count is not updating. I also give you the best tactics and tips to help you start growing your Instagram again.

    I was losing followers every day despite the fact that I was posting consistently.

    My Instagram follower count was stuck for a long time until I implemented a new strategy that I will share with you shortly in this tutorial.

    RELATED POST: How to Write Instagram Captions That Drive Massive Engagement

    Why is Instagram Follower Count Not Updating?

    Is it possible that Instagram has simply forgotten to update your follower count?

    While it may seem like the problem is a glitch from Instagram, the fact remains that if you have more people unfollowing you than following you, your numbers will most likely stay the same.

    The follower count is updating, but you are not growing because you are not adding new followers at a rapid rate. I’m going to help you fix that today and show you NEW ways to grow on Instagram.

    First, let’s understand why you are losing Instagram followers.

    Why Am I losing followers on Instagram? Here are 6 Reasons

    There are so many reasons why you are losing followers on Instagram.

    I will outline them below and you can identify which of these resonate with you. But more importantly, please, do not be discouraged.

    There is a fix for this and we are going to solve it together.

    So why are you losing followers?

    1. People Unfollow You

    One of the major reasons you lose followers is because generally people just decide they no longer care about your content.

    Ouch! I know. That’s not nice.

    Instagram follower count is stuck

    This happens. Even you unfollow other people as well. So ask yourself, when you unfollow people, why do you do it?

    Perhaps their content is just not relevant to you anymore or you don’t even remember who they are.

    Some other people have followed you based on the follow-for-follow. These are just bad eggs we have to deal with. Ideally your goal should be to gain more followers than you are losing every day.

    You cannot afford to stress out about the people who unfollow you. Instead, focus on doing things to grow your page so you can get more followers than unfollows.

    The trick is to keep your new followers higher than those who unfollow you. We will get to that shortly.

    2. You Are Not Driving Enough Engagement on Your Posts

    Simply posting better, more valuable content is not enough. You want to ‘ASK’ for the engagement. Just because your content is great doesn’t mean that your followers know what to do with it.

    Oftentimes people are mindlessly scrolling along on Instagram. They are not pausing to interact with posts.

    Knowing this behavior, it’s important that you wake people up from their mindlessness. Call them to action with your content. The best way to do this is to write engaging Instagram captions that drive massive engagement.

    3. There Are More Ghost Followers and Inactive Accounts on Instagram

    Another reason it seems your account is stuck or not growing is because of dead and inactive accounts.

    There is a real pandemic of bot accounts on Instagram. There are so many fake pages and it is tough to deal with when you don’t know who they are.

    Here are a few tricks to keep your Instagram account healthy

    1. Delete spam accounts when you see them
    2. Set an Age restriction on your Instagram page
    3. Set a Restriction for certain countries on Instagram
    4. Only engage with high-value pages that have your ideal audience

    4. You Are Not Posting Consistently

    Another reason why you may be losing Instagram followers is because of your own lack of consistency. You have to understand that Instagram is a daily grind.

    You do not have to post every day, but you do want to engage in daily actions that help you grow.

    You must have a weekly consistent schedule that you stick to.

    Do you want to post every day or three times a week? That is up to you but you must be consistent.

    The only way to get New Followers is to have an active action.

    So create a content strategy that helps you post to Instagram consistently. Each new post is a potential bait for gaining new followers.

    5. Your Content is Just Not Good Enough

    You have to be honest with yourself here. The numbers don’t lie. The way to get new followers on Instagram is to post content that spreads. The only way to do that is to create valuable and engaging content that works.

    The more valuable your content is, the better your engagement will be.

    The most important piece of this puzzle is your content. We must focus on creating better content on Instagram and all else will follow.

    6. You Changed Your Content and Confuse Your Followers

    If people follow you for a particular type of content, they expect that from you consistently. If you suddenly change your content topics or content type, you will confuse your followers and risk getting a lot of unfollows.

    You want to avoid this at all costs.

    If you have recently changed your content, it might help to make a re-introduction post. Preferably a beautiful selfie of you with a story about you in the caption.

    Why is my Instagram Follower count stuck?

    For almost 6 months, my Instagram following count remained almost at the same spot.
    It didn’t make any sense to me.

    I was posting correctly, I was engaging with other pages, and I was spending time on creating content, yet it did not convert to followers. How?

    I set myself up to fix the problem and eventually I cracked the glitch.

    For one, I cannot say for a fact that there was an actual problem from Instagram which was affecting my counts.

    But what I do recall is as soon as I began to make a few changes in how I posted, what kind of content I was posting, and how I was engaging on Instagram, everything changed

    I began to have new visitors to my profile from all over the world and they were converting to followers every single day.

    Here are the top 3 things I believe made a significant change to my account and got my follower count running again.

    If you believe your Instagram follower count is frozen and not updating, these tips will help

    How to Increase Your Engagement and Get More Followers on Instagram Faster

    Now that you know why your Instagram follower count is not updating, it’s time to fix it. Let’s talk about some of the simple things you can do right now to start growing again.

    RELATED POST: How to Write Instagram Captions That Drive Massive Engagement

    1. Create content that people actually need

    People want to watch people. But more importantly, people want to watch people who give them what they are searching for.
    This is the world we live in today and you cannot run away from it. It is what it is. What I like to tell people is, “Everybody is watchable.” Yes, including you.

    As long as you are human, you have other humans who are just like you and who will relate to what you have to share in your own unique way and with your own perspectives.

    All you have to do is show up for your people.
    For your Tribe.
    That’s what I did.
    First, it begins with you asking “What do people need and how can I offer that through my content?”

    For me at the time, it was Motivation. 

    And not just any type of motivation, but Motivation for people who were going through the process of finding themselves and understanding who they were and what their purpose on Earth is.

    You have to do the same in your Niche, but you also must make sure your niche is specific and highly targeted.

    I share more In-depth thoughts  on how you can get Niche specific in “The Rules of Engagement on Instagram”

    When you begin to make more and more content that people need, you will pull in the right audience of people who care about your content and convert them to followers.

    You will also notice that your Instagram follower count will begin to budge and you will stop losing followers as much.

    2. Encourage your followers to Engage with your Instagram posts

    You have to continually tell your followers to share their thoughts in the comments. You also want to make sure to reply to everyone who comments on your posts.

    Engagement is the game of Social media. The better engaged your page is, the better your conversions.

    Engagement on Instagram is based on actions from your followers.
    Comments on your posts are a deep level of engagement that you want to have.

    You can drive massive engagement by writing captions that convert.
    There is a strategic way to do this so that your Instagram audience feels like they are a part of your conversation and their opinions matter.

    Instagram followers commnet engagement

    So always ask for comments. I prefer to do this in the first two lines of my caption because this is the first thing they see.

    And when they do leave a comment, always reply.

    This back-and-forth exchange in your comments section on Instagram will push your posts and profile and ultimately land you on Instagram’s explore page where you have the opportunity to meet even more new people.

    And when you land on the explore page, boom! That’s more potential new followers seeing your profile.

    3. Always include ‘Follow me’ Call-to-Action in Instagram captions

    The problem I see a lot of people have on Instagram is they don’t know how to ask for engagement. If you think it is “too much” to ask people to follow your page then you may not be ready to truly increase your following and influence.

    Yes, people want you to remind the. You have to ask for that follow back!

    First, it will help to change your opinion of the people who view your profile and consume your content. If you create original content on Instagram and someone takes the time to Like or Leave a comment on your posts, then this means this person vibes with you.
    And if they vibe with you then they are a potential member of the Tribe you are trying to build on Instagram.

    Instagram engagement CTA

    Now knowing that people want people to tell them what to do, would you skip the opportunity to convert a viewer to a follower?

    One of the major reasons it seems that your Instagram follower count is stuck is because the ratio of your new followers to the people unfollowing you is huge.

    You have to bridge that gap and the best way to do this is by showing Instagram that people actually care about your content and are following you.

    So, always leave a CTA that tells people to follow your page.

    If you are not currently leaving your brand’s footprints on Instagram by commenting everywhere, then you are losing a huge opportunity to truly grow your page organically.

    Not just comments on your own posts, however, but your comments on other people’s posts. This will help spread you to the potential  members of your growing community

    If you found this helpful and would like more tips, share your questions in the comments and I just might make my next blog post to fix your exact issue!


  • Books I am Currently Reading – The Book List

    I am always asked for book recommendations and suggestions for what to read. So I figured the best way to keep this conversation going is to have a page on my blog here dedicated to books I am reading, or have read.

    10 Best Books to Read on Life and Business?

    Only 10? How about an unlimited list?😁

    Every now and then I’ll be back to update this list with even more books as I am currently pushing myself to read more and more books weekly. So do bookmark this page as there will be more and more books added weekly

    Crushing It – Gary V

    I am always going back to read Crushing It by Gary V. Being a content creator without being influenced by the super creator of content GaryV is quite an impossible task isn’t it?

    Everyone in Business in today’s Internet fast paced world has to read this book at some point. No you do not have to read ‘Jab Jab Jab, Right Hook” or even the previous installment “Crush It” to understand Crushing It, but if you have read those previous books from Gary, then Crushing It pushes you even several levels deeper!


    The 4 Hour Workweek – Tim Ferriss

    The 4-Hour Workweek is one of those books I wish I had picked up a long time ago when I first heard about it and even stumbled on it online.

    Tim Ferriss breaks down Work in such a way that you cannot help but want to take all your time back and still get paid more Money than when you did exchanging your time for Money.

    If you have been on the fence about changing jobs of quitting work altogether, do not make a decision until you read this book.


    Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

    If you have never read this Most talked about book “Think and Grow Rich” then please let this be your reminder to pick it up. I read this book every single year, and with each new read, I am propelled into new levels of awareness.

    It is beyond becoming Rich, it is about transforming your entire life from the inside out.

    This single book has transformed the lives of millions of people the world over and the most successful businessmen and women or our time today swear by it.


    Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook – Gary V

    Back to Gary V again yes? This was the first book from Gary that I ever read and it was the best read. Especially because I use Social Media everyday to connect with my audience.

    After reading Jab Jab Jab, You will not use social media the same way again. Your Influence will skyrocket, people will love you and the sales will come on their own.

    Gary V takes you on a new journey in understanding Social Media and how to use it the right way. Don’t go in to sell, go in to jab and jab and jab again and again till a hook is just the perfect thing to do.

    So what is a Jab? You might have to read this book to find out. It will blow your mind.


    How To Squirt – Eva E.A

    I know! Reading my own book doesn’t seem quite the thing to do. But right now I am going through the process of updating this book with new chapters that I believe are important to expand what I teach.

    I hope to have a more expanded version of this book released in 2020 and reading the current version is the first step.

    If you haven’t read “HOW TO SQUIRT” yet and you’ll like to learn how to achieve Female Ejaculatory orgasms even without sex, then this book is a must read.


    Enjoying my reading list so far? I’m glad! Do share your own reading list in the comments below as that will serve as major inspiration for me as well as I continue to read more books in the coming weeks.

    Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.